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Hezron Chetty


In 1993 Hezron Chetty(Cape Town, South Africa) began his first lessons with the violin under the guidance of his teacher Rolando Rinfreschi. He continued learning the Royal School classical method under Rolandos training for 8 years. In 2003 Hezron enrolled at Durban Institute Of Technology and began studying Jazz with an instrument specialization in Jazz violin and improvisation assisted by Anton Cawthorn Blazeby as his teacher. At the end of 2004 he enrolled for a Bmus at The University of Kwazulu Natal. 

In January 2007 took an opportunity to move to London and it was during this time that he got involved in the London music scene by performing with numerous British acts. He was involved in 2 albums with  Daniel Spiller, 1 with Hadar Manor and various session work through Shoot The Dog Records and Clique Productions. During this time he developed his technique in Folk and Rock music. 
2011 saw Hezron moving back to South Africa where he created songwriting production project called KrayZee-N with Andrew Ord and Musa Skandals Zwane the group released 3 singles and 2  music videos and signed with EMI Publishing. 
In 2012 He joined punk rock band Fruits and Veggies and began touring South Africa with the Accidentals and Incidentals over the next 3 years.

In 2015 Hezron began working on his debut album The Fallacy Of Composition. This would be a group of recordings done that would showcase the violin on its own and mix many different genres his first performance of his new work was sharing the bill with Malian Blues legend Viewe Farka Toure and Madala Kunene. The album was released in late 2015 and received critical acclaim.  A chance meeting with award winning artists Arno Carstens saw him soon joining his big band and performing a solo song of his single Chasing Kings to a sold out Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts during a Carstens performance. Over the next 2 years Hezron would perform at every major festival in South Africa as well as countless studio sessions with some of the countries finest acts he recorded his violin on Medicine Boys album Kinda Like Electricity and The Brynn debut album Querencia which is he also a member of the band.

Sometime in 2017 Hezron was contacted by celebrity chef David Rocco and was asked for his music to be used for his show Dolce Vita Africa. This led to Hezron getting more involved in film and tv and his violin and string arrangements have been used on feature films like Krotoa and The Colonels Stray Dogs.

Hezron took some time off and traveled  to India to get a basic knowledge of the various types of Indian music and in 2018 made a pilgrimage to Cremona, Italy the birth place of the modern violin and spent time with master luthiers getting a better understanding of the violin.

Hezron has been involved in 7 studio albums and over 40 singles to date he has shared the stage with acclaimed artists like Lira, Arno Carstens, Jocelyn Brown (Incognito), Finley Quaye, Viewe Farka Toure, Albert Frost, Medicine Boy, Incubus, El Trio, Paco Sery, Sannie Fox, Beatenberg, Jeremy Loops, Majozi, Brynn, Madala Kunene, Hayseed Dixie, Nakahne Toure, BCUC, Jack Parow and Francois Van Coke. 

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